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Product Information Product dimensions Height: 37 cmDiameter: 32 cmVolume: 12 l Package dimensions Package Number: 1Length: 32 cmWidth: -Height: -Diameter: 32 cmNet Weight: 1.40 kgGross Weight: 1.40 kgGross Volume: 25.3 lPackage Number: 2Length: 37 cmWidth: 34 cmHeight: 9 cmDiameter: -Net Weight: 0.75 kgGross Weight: 0.99 kgGross Volume: 11.1 l Materials Basematerial:Polypropylene plastic Pedal:Reinforced polypropylene plastic Handle:Stainless steel Feet:Synthetic rubber Designer Marcus Arvonen Benefits The bin is easy to move since it has a handle on the back.If you tuck the edges of the plastic bag into the handle of the inside container, it wont be visible when the pedal bin is closed.Easy to empty and clean as the inner bucket can be removed.You can use this bin anywhere in your home, even in damp areas like the kitchen and bathroom.
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