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Product Information Product dimensions Length: 130 cmWidth: 133 cmArea: 1.72 m Package dimensions Package Number: 1Length: 130 cmWidth: -Height: -Diameter: 10 cmNet Weight: 1.58 kgGross Weight: 1.88 kgGross Volume: 10.2 l Materials Pile:100% nylon Base fabric:100% polypropylene Backing:Synthetic rubber Designer Sara N Bergman Benefits Honk and drive! On this rug there are roads, homes, farms, schools, a circus, a football pitch, railroads and many other things - just like in a city. Perfect to combine with toy cars and figures from the LILLABO series.The rugs thick piles dampens sound, creating a snug feeling, and are soft to walk on for all sizes of feet.Children's play can place tough demands on surroundings, something that also applies to rugs. Thats why the rug is made from durable, stain-resistant synthetic fibres which are easy to care for.
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